Why is coloring good for you?

Coloring is a wonderful way to relieve stress.

It calms your brain and helps your body to relax. So this can help you to sleep better and deal with fatigue. Coloring can decrease body aches, improve your heart rate and respiration and fight feelings of depression and anxiety because it relaxes the fear center of your brain.

Coloring is creative meditation

Coloring induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. It is such a fantastic stress relief and it helps so much to calm and ease your mind. Specially when you are stressed out by illness or bad things going on in your life or in the world that you have to cope with. Or just if you had a very demanding, stressful day.
It is a short time of creative meditation, where you give yourself some room and space to be. Just to be. Just the colors and the forms and a creative process to let things happen.

Go with the flow

This said, it is not about the result. You are not to put yourself under pressure to color like the most famous coloristas or color like a photo – for that you would rather go out and take a photo ;).
No it is about the creative meditation. Go with the flow of the colors. Try to create something out of the box. Why not violet hair or green lips? Think Picasso and Klee or others like that. They have broken the rules. So can you.

Do not listen to Feedback of others that are demotivating you. They might expect mainstream. But you – you make your own thing.
If you want to learn more about perfect light and shadow, very well. My faces give a lot of room to experiment with that.

My grayscales give you hints where they are. My lineart give you the full freedom of creating your own colorful world in that face or that flower.

All I wish you is to enjoy and forget everything for the time you are coloring a coloring page of beauty. So that it will bring joy and beauty into your life!

Happy coloring and enjoy a colorful life!
Yours Carolyn