About Me

Carolyn Pini

Painter, Illustrator and Creator of Coloring Pages and Books

I was born and raised in Switzerland where I live now and work as Coach and Illustrator, Painter.

I discovered my love for drawing and painting at a very young age and after a career in business I started all over again and made two educations as Coach and Artist. My additional education in spirituality allows me to dive deep into symbols and colors to craft my paintings either digital or analog on paper or canvas where I also loves to mix medias. I amĀ  inspired by female energy and my art dives into the depths of archetypes and tells stories with symbols and colors.

Creating beautiful pictures is what makes me happy. There was a time, when I had not the strength to paint but I wanted to color. As a coach I knew the healing power of colors and creativity. So I drew my own coloring pages with Procreate to give me a bit of structure to color a beautiful thing. From that experience I started to create coloring pages with my brand Colorpini, so that creativity is there for you too, even if you think you can not paint. I still love to color them, either with coloring pencils over watercolor on simple print paper or in Procreate, most of the time with airbrush pencils.

Coloring is a wonderful form of creative meditation that carries you away from your stress and anxiety into thoughts filled with beauty and colors that gives your soul comfort and you direct your energy towards good things in your life.

If you join my facebook group you will find every month a free coloring page on a nice coloring event with the chance to win one of my coloring pages or books. Would love to see you there.

I also love to paint on canvas, in my recent works I love to mix media so I use part of one of my coloring pages as the base of my acrylic painting.

I also do illustrations and cover for books and I have created posters and props for movies.

Enjoy my artwork and I shall be very pleased to see your coloring of my coloring pages on social media. Please use #colorpini to direct me to your artworks.

Happy coloring and feel free to ask me any question you have

Carolyn Pini


Need an Illustration or a Book Cover?

If you like my style, I work also as an Illustrator.

The price is what you can afford, don’t worry. Just ask. I love creating!